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Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care programs are ideal for keeping your ornamentals, palm trees, shrubs and other foliage looking their best all season long. McDonald Pest Control offers specialized fertilization programs that help trees and shrubs flourish. Call us today for quality tree and shrub care services from the expert technicians at McDonald Pest Control.

Palm Tree Service Program

All trees need nourishment. Sometimes it can be difficult for a tree to absorb nutrients based on weather conditions, availability of nutrients, and the ease of access involved for a tree to absorb nutrients. With deep root feeding and fertilization, you can rejuvenate your trees and shrubs by directly treating the source. Our program offers deep root feeding and fertilization for select palm tree types:

  • Sago and Queen Sago Palm
  • Roebelenni
  • Fishtail

Shrub Care Program

McDonald Pest Control offers specifically designed and scheduled service that includes fertilization, insect control and disease control for shrubs. Keep harmful and invasive insects from damaging the beauty of your landscape. Our program features 8 applications during a 12 month period and may be extended to 12 monthly treatments a year if it is recommended by our technician. Call us today for better shrubs and ornamental plants that will add value and appeal to your landscape.







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