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Pest Control Services

Our Pest Control Programs provide treatment for crawling insects. We service residential and commercial properties. The programs include:

  • Pest Control
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Pest Protection
  • Pest Preventative Measures
  • For the interior as well as exterior service 3-10 feet away

Services are provided for a specific period of time accordingly. Each property serviced will receive an initial treatment which provides an intensive application for the interior portion of the location as well as the exterior of the property. If you are not looking for a regular maintenance program, McDonald Pest Control offers many other alternative methods and services. We have a program and the service to fit your needs.

Individualized Designed Pest Control Treatments and Programs

McDonald Pest Control prices each location individually. You do not pay for services that you do not need. We do not believe in over treating and using excessive chemicals. We evaluate each location and create an individual program that is designed to treat the needs of your home or business.

Residential Pest Control

This program is specifically designed to treat crawling insects for the interior and exterior of your home. This service can be provided according to your specific needs:

  • Quarterly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly
  • Annually

Should you require an extra inside service during the year, we will provide it at no extra charge.

Tubes in the Wall

This service treats for pest control through pre-installed tubes throughout the home. Many homes were built with this method of pest control. This service includes regularly scheduled visits to treat for pests using the tubes in the walls.

Commercial Pest Control

This program is a designed to treat crawling insects around the interior and exterior of your commercial property. Commercial service is provided either:

  • Quarterly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly

Should you require an extra inside service during the year, we will provide it at no extra charge.

Intensive One Shot Treatment

This is designed to temporarily achieve control of a particular pest. This service carries a re-treatment guarantee for 30 days from the date the service was provided. This service can be converted to one of our regular pest control maintenance program’s at no additional charge.

McDonald Pest Control – Pest Treatment Specialists!

General Pests

McDonald Pest Control understands that varying industries have different pest management needs and those needs require special consideration in treatment solutions. That’s why McDonald Pest Control targets pest control for each business individually. No matter if your business is large or small; our commercial service team will work with you to tailor your pest management plan to address your needs.

Many businesses prefer a comprehensive pest management plan, while some have a persistent pest problem which is limited to just a single type of pest. Either way, McDonald Pest Control will develop a program based on your company’s needs.

The Last Thing You Need to Worry About is Annoying Pests or Rodents.

That’s where McDonald Pest Control comes in. We use the latest, most effective and up-to-date technologies to keep these unwanted pests away so you can concentrate on the business at hand.

Each Organization and Industry is Different.

That’s why McDonald Pest Control leverages our unique understanding of your specific pest control needs. We deliver professional and personalized service that you would expect from a nationwide leader.

We Offer:

  • Top Caliber Service from Courteous Trained Professionals
  • Specialized Knowledge of your Pest Control Needs
  • Services Ranging from Routine Pest Control Inspections and Treatments to Termite and Rodent Protection
  • Flexible, Customized Service

Roach Control

Cockroaches aren’t simply a nuisance or an eyesore. A common cause for asthma, allergies and other respiratory complications, cockroaches are carriers of bacteria and disease. Their fecal matter is often the source of such ills. While there are more than 40 different species of cockroaches in Florida, less than 10 species are considered pests.

The expert technicians at McDonald Pest Control are specially trained to determine which type of roach may be giving you problems. Certain roaches are resistant to pesticides after years of repeated systemic treatments. At Mc Donald Pest Control, we are experienced in holistic, more natural methods of pest control to effectively rid you of your pest problems

Fire Ant Program

This is a program specifically designed to treat a fire ant infestation. The program covers the interior, exterior, the entire lawn and the landscape areas for one year. Infestations of any insect are proven to originate from the outdoors. The heart of our infestation programs are based on a well established exterior barrier treatment and the reduction of pest harborages and populations. When exterior barriers are reinforced on a regular basis, the need for interior service is drastically reduced if not eliminated.

Ant Control

As a leading pest control company McDonald Pest Control offers dependable, flexible, and effective residential and commercial ant control and ant extermination services. We are the ant extermination experts. Clients can choose from a wide range of preventive and responsive pest management services and solutions, all delivered by trained and dedicated ant control professionals.

Ants are the most common pest problem facing homeowners. Do-it-yourself ant control treatments can often make the problem worse and rarely address the source of the problem which is the nest. Our ant control treatments are based on proper identification of the ants infesting your home. Request a Free ant control Inspection today! McDonald Pest Control can get rid your ant problem quickly and affordably.

While there are many different types of ants that can find their way into our homes, including Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, Odorous House Ants, Crazy Ants, Fire Ants, White Footed Ants and Pharaoh Ants, just to name a few, for the most part the strategies for dealing with them are very similar.

Carpenter Ant Extermination and Wood

An important aspect of carpenter ant extermination involves controlling any wood that may be attractive to these pests. This means cutting away any tree limbs that hang over your roof because the ants can use them to drop down. You should also make sure there are no piles of wood near your home because they often use these piles to form nests. If you have to keep a stack of firewood near your home make sure it does not come into direct contact with the soil.

Carpenter Ant Control for Homes

Carpenter Ants cause millions of dollars of damage annually to homes and buildings. McDonald Pest Control’s ant control service will eliminate infestations in your home and help prevent new infestations. Once we have located the area where the ants enter your home, we can use several methods of carpenter ant extermination. However certain conditions can make a home more vulnerable to carpenter ant infestation. For more information on our carpenter ant control program call McDonald Pest Control today. Carpenter ants do not eat wood as termites do; Carpenter ants chip out wood in order to make a nest inside of walls, beams, sills and joists in a house. They expel a frass like sawdust from their nests.

Ant Control Outside

Some ant control issues aren’t solved indoors. There are ants that nest outdoors and travel in to find food and water. And there are ants, such as fire ants, that generally stay outdoors, but present a nuisance or danger for homeowners. In the case of these types of ants, find the nest or anthill. There are ants that nest outdoors and travel in to find food and water. And there are ants, such as fire ants, that generally stay outdoors, but can present a nuisance or danger for homeowners.

Ant Control Inside

Get them where they live! Far and away the biggest mistake homeowners make when facing ant infestation is to kill the ants they can see as quickly as possible and hope they’ve solved the problem. Whether you’re using an insecticide spray or your shoe, you’re missing the point if this is your preferred method. While it may seem like there’s a lot of ants invading your personal space, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s several hundred to several thousand more in a nest nearby. And that includes at least one egg-laying queen who is increasing those numbers every day. Spraying the ten or twenty making their way across your floor might make you feel at ease, but what you really need to do is call McDonald Pest Control and let the professionals get rid of that nest.

Carpenter Ant Extermination and Moisture

One of the final parts of carpenter ant extermination and ant control involves controlling moisture problems. Carpenter ants require water in addition to food. If there is no available source of water in the area, they will likely not be a problem. Call McDonald Pest Control and get rid of carpenter ants.

We Treat All Ant Traffic Paths

We attack the gaps by the baseboards, around window frames, door frames, where pipes come in and out of the walls; McDonald Pest Control will treat the areas where carpenter ants enter and exit the house.

Around the foundation, under the first row of shingles, around the door frames and window frames, where gas and water pipes and electrical wires enter the house, basement sill plates, accessible attics, the garage and other entry points. In the warmer months ants go back and forth from the satellite nest to the main nest so we want to find how they travel in and out of the house to feed.

The Insecticides that McDonald Pest Control uses are EPA Labeled products registered for use by the state of Florida for your home. The “Signal Word” (which is the E.P.A. measure of toxicity) for the material we use is “Caution”. It is the same Signal Word assigned to products in your home such as Windex, Mr. Clean, dishwasher soap and boric acid.

Finally, keep in mind that certain species of ants, including carpenter and odorous ants, can be a very difficult problem to exterminate. And in the case of carpenter ants, can result in thousands of dollars of structural damage to your home if your extermination isn’t successful. If you’ve got a persistent ant problem that won’t go away, and ants that you can’t identify then it’s time to bring in McDonald Pest Control as your pest control professional.

Flea Control Program

This program is designed to treat flea infestations. As per the results of our technicians’ evaluation of the infestation, the course of treatment will then be determined. Treatment may be needed interior only, exterior only or both. In most cases, if a property is diagnosed with interior fleas, an exterior treatment is usually recommended.

Home Owner Flea Treatment Preparation Responsibilities

flea treatment

Click the button above for a complete flea treatment preparation checklist

1. All people and pets must leave the structure for a minimum of 2 hours after treatment

2. Have your pets treated for fleas on the same day of treatment

3. Unplug and cover fish tanks

4. Wash, on hot cycle, all pet bedding, and any other bedding where pet frequents

5. Remove all objects from under beds, and small objects from floors

6. Pick up pet dishes and toys

7. VACUUM FLOORS and upholstered furniture no more than 2 hours prior to treatment. (Throw away vacuum bag immediately in exterior trash). If you plan on having any carpet cleaning done, do this prior to treatment

8. VACUUM DAILY for 2 to 3 weeks after treatment; continuing vacuuming weekly as regular maintenance.  Regular vacuuming actually will remove flea eggs, larva and pupa. Pay attention to corners and pet bedding areas

9. If a exterior treatment is to be done, mow grass and rake up leaf debris prior to treatment

10. It is normal to see some adult fleas for up to 3 weeks after treatment. Flea pupae are protected from insecticides by their cocoons. They will continue emerging as adults over a period of 1 – 3 weeks. Once exposed to the insecticide residual though, they will be eliminated.

Tick Control Program

Mcdonald pest control tick life cycle

This program is designed to treat tick infestations. As per the results of our technicians’ evaluation of the infestation, the course of treatment will then be determined. Treatment may be needed interior only, exterior only or both. In most cases, if a property is diagnosed with interior ticks, a exterior treatment is usually necessary.

Animal Control / Removal Program

Rodent Control

Did you know a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime? A rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. Trees and Bushes provide access to the roof of your house and easy entry for rodents. McDonald Pest Control will not only work to eliminate any rodent issues, but will seek out the point of entry to help prevent any future infestations.

Rodent Treatment and Control Programs

Rodents have been an on going concern in our state. Many people harbor a naturally fear and disgust of these pest. There is a misconception that people that have a rodent concern are unclean. This is not true by any means. Rodents may choose to nest in your home for warmth and comfort and find the food source elsewhere.

Rodent Exclusion Program

A mechanical exclusion of the potentially active rodent entry points to your home. McDonald Pest Control uses materials that block and/or close the entry points eliminating the rodents from gaining entry into the home or business.

Rodent Bait Station Control

A specifically designed program using rodent bait stations to eliminate active live rodents. This program is a two part program. Rodent Bait Station Install is the first service needed to begin this type of treatment. McDonald Pest Control will install the number of stations recommended by our technician for the location.

Rodent Bait Station Monitoring Program

This is the second part of this service for the successful treatment of rodents. The number of bait stations will depend on the severity of the infestation. McDonald Pest Control will visit the location periodically to check, re-bait and maintain the rodent bait stations installed at the location.

Rodent Snap Trap Program

Specifically designed Snap Traps rid your location of active live rodents. This is a two part program. The following will be necessary for this type of service:

Rodent Snap Trap Install

This is the first part of the service needed to begin treatment. McDonald Pest Control will install a number of snap traps throughout the attic and in any other areas where there are signs of activity.

Rodent Snap Trap Monitoring Program

This is the second part of this service that is necessary for successful treatment of rodents. This will be designed accordingly, depending on the severity of the infestation. McDonald Pest Control will visit the location periodically as per your agreement to check, re-bait and maintain the rodent bait stations installed at the location.

Bat Control and Prevention Program

Bats are a protected species and therefore can not be exterminated. McDonald Pest Control treatment is as follows:

  • Bat Removal and Relocation

Determine the location of the bats and remove and relocate the bats

  • Bat Exclusion Once the entry points are identified, we begin the exclusion process by closing these areas to prevent re entry.

McDonald Pest Control also offers control, capture and removal of other sources of pest such as:

  • Armadillos
  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Opossums
  • Racoons

We do not believe in the harming of any animal. We always provide the capture and removal of the creatures.

Any agreements signed for a one year term will receive at no charge “in between” call backs. If you are experiencing any concern between your scheduled services, simply call us.


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