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Moisture Management


•    Residential Lawns
•    Golf Courses
•    Athletic Fields
•    Grounds Maintenance
•    Greenhouses
•    Landscaped Areas
•    Nurseries
•    Tree Care
•    Shrubs
•    Sodding
•    Seeding
•    Established Turfgrass


Hydretain® – Moisture Management is a unique liquid blend of patented hygroscopic and humectant, combined with an advanced, naturally derived, non-ionic wetting agent for improved penetration and performance.

•    Drenched into the soil around all types of turf, trees, shrubs and bedding plants.  Hydretain® – Moisture Management forms a subsurface film which attracts and stores moisture and microscopic droplets and plant roots and soil particle surfaces.  These droplets are drawn into plant roots while the Hydretain® – Moisture Management converts otherwise unavailable soil moisture, into plant usable water droplets.

•    Hydretain® – Moisture Management reduces overall watering while eliminating or minimizing plant wilt cycles and drought stress.

Reduce Watering | Maximize Green | Minimize Drought Stress | Lawn | Front Yard | Backyard

Hydretain® – Moisture Management is a proprietary blend of patented soil moisture management technology and an advanced naturally derived soil surfactant. In combination these synergistic technologies provide unequaled water conservation and drought stress reduction through efficient subsurface soil moisture management. In addition to reducing overall water requirements. Hydretain® – Moisture Management works to provide the proper soil moisture needed to maximize the effectiveness of most plant production and maintenance products.


•    Reduce Watering up to 50%
•    Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
•    Minimize Hand Watering
•    Maximize Nutrient and Biostimulant Efficiency
•    Improve Seed Germination
•    Minimize Transplant Loss
•    Drought Protection
•    Minimize Florida Dry Season;
Peak April 1 thru May 31
•    Minimize Summer Drought

Where to Use

New Plantings:

•    Transplant establishment of bedding plants, shrubs, trees
•    Installation of sod, sprigging, seeding, hydro-seeding, over-seeding

Lawn Maintenance:

•    Dry post control (Especially for dry spots not cured with simple wetting agents)
•    Commercial and residential lawn and landscapes to reduce water bills
•    Golf course greens, tees and fairways to manage watering schedules
•    Athletic fields to manage watering schedules


•    Control dry areas and even up growth across benches
•    As a post harvest drench to increase retail shelf life of plants

While Hydretain® – Moisture Management is effective in all types of soil and soilless mixes, the most dramatic results are noted in sandy and well drained areas.

Composition:  50% Humectants (sugar alcohols-polysaccharides – neutral salts of alpha-hydroxypropionic acid),  15% non ionic surfactant.







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