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Bee Removal Services

McDonald Pest Control offers emergency Bee Removal and Bee Hive Removal services. Do not attempt to treat these insects on your own!

Honey Bees should be considered to be Africanized and need to be treated as aggressive. African Honey Bees may attack anything and anyone that pose a threat to their hive. McDonald Pest Control has highly trained technicians who specialize in controlling and exterminating all stinging insects.

Due to the danger and severity of this particular insect, McDonald Pest Control offers 24 hour, seven day emergency service. We do not want you to get hurt so please call immediately and leave the danger in our professionally-trained technician’s hands.


We provide Bee Removal Services for bee swarms, bee infestations and active bee hives anywhere on your property. Even if the bee nest is inside the walls of your house we can accurately pinpoint its location by using our infra-red camera.

After control has been established, the bees, bee hive and hive material must be removed to prevent re-infestation. If the bee nest is not removed, the wax combs, normally cooled by the bees will melt and allow honey to flow through the walls. A honey stain can not be removed. Also the melted honey attracts robber bees, wasps and swarms. The comb wax will also attract wax moths and ants that may persist for several years. The small hive beetle larvae tunnels through combs of honey, feeding and defecating, causing discoloration and fermentation of the honey. The dead bees will attract carpet beetles.  Not to mention that the decay will cause a very bad smell.

Please read the State of Florida’s recommendation in regard to bees:

The recommendation from my office is that any feral honey bees in proximity to people, pets, and livestock that are not associated with a registered Florida Beekeeper participating in Best Management Practices should be considered for eradication. The growing population of AHB that have killed a 900 pound horse, 10 dogs, goats and sheep and have sent several dozen people to seek emergency medical attention in Florida must be eliminated to prevent a human fatality. Yes gentle managed honey bees are important to Florida agriculture and the environment but defensive, aggressive feral AHB are a public safety issue.

G. W. Hayes, Jr.
Assistant Chief
Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection
Apiary Inspection Section
Division of Plant Industry

Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornet Services

When wasps and hornets are in your home, our technician will gain control and exterminate them. Then they remove the insects and the hive. This is one of the most dangerous services we offer and only our trained technicians are able to provide this service. Do not attempt to remove these insects on your own! McDonald Pest Control has highly trained technicians and we specialize in the controlling and extermination of all stinging insects.

Wasp and Bee Control

Wasp control and bee control are essential for the safety of your family, friends and neighbors. You can depend on McDonald Pest Control to control these annoying and potentially dangerous insects. We have over thirty years of experience in wasp control and bee control.

Each of our trained professionals has a minimum of 100 hours of classroom training, and also receives ongoing education. This insect control instruction includes the latest on wasp and bee infestation management.

Why is wasp and bee control so important? While most stinging and biting pests don’t present a significant risk to many people, their attacks can be very painful. In addition, a number of bug bites and stings can be dangerous to babies and young children, the elderly and people with severe allergic reactions to insect venoms.

Bees and Wasps

Although they are generally considered to be pests because of their ability to sting, wasps and bees are generally speaking, beneficial insects. Wasps do become a problem in autumn when they disrupt many outdoor activities.

While both social wasps and bees live in colonies ruled by queens and maintained by workers, they look and behave differently. It is important to distinguish between bees, wasps and hornets because different methods will be necessary to control them if they become a nuisance. If you are unsure of whether you have bees, wasps or hornets call McDonald pest control for a home/property estimate today.










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