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At McDonald Pest Control we exercise great discretion in treating your bed bug problems. From large hotels to single bedrooms in your home, we have confidentially helped eradicate bed bugs for numerous customers in the area. We know that bed bugs are not an issue you would like to advertise so our expert technicians are always quick to treat your pest problems and get you back in business. McDonald Pest Control is proud to offer expert bed bug solutions to commercial and residential customers who need help fast. Our specialized bed bug treatments utilize alternative treatment methods that are chemical-free and more effective than any pesticide application.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed bug heat treatments are recognized by experts in the industry as the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. After a thorough inspection, we can treat single rooms only in a matter of hours, giving you same-day service and assurance that your bed bug problem is under control. Call McDonald Pest Control today for a free estimate and inspection! We are one of the only companies in the area able to offer our exclusive bed bug heat treatment services so we are available to you for inspections and estimates after hours and on weekends to rid you of your bed bug problems fast. Our treatments are guaranteed so we’re confident in not only price-matching estimates but we’ll also beat any competitor’s price on bed bug heat treatments. Call McDonald Pest Control today for the most effective, non-chemical and eco-friendly bed bug treatment available!

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Bed Bug Remediation

Many pest control companies offer bed bug solutions that simply just don’t work. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and require special remediation treatment in order to get rid of them for good. McDonald’s Pest Control offers a service that will eliminate not only bed bugs, but the larvae as well. Bed bug remediation is a specialized treatment that uses high levels of heat to kill bed bugs. The reason this service prevails where others fail is because the bugs cannot escape or hide from the heat like they might with sprays or other oft-used solutions. If you have bed bugs, don’t panic! Call McDonald’s Pest Control and we’ll get started on de-bugging your house right away!

Identifying Bed Bug Infestations

If you believe that you may have a case of Bed Bugs, here are a few things to look for to determine this for sure:

  • Look for small size dark spots that resemble a marker bleed on fabric; these spots are excrement or bed bug feces that will be found especially on the bedding items of an infested bed.
  • Look for small tiny white oval eggs or eggshells; these are bed bug eggs and resemble cooked pieces of rice.
  • Look for brown like casings or shells; bed bugs shed their skin as they grow bigger.
  • Look for live bed bugs which usually are brown in color (see picture). They become darker as they feed on blood.
  • Look for red rusty stains on the bed sheets or mattresses; these are the results of crushed bed bugs.

In addition to these types of findings, you will more than likely find bites on the physical person’s body who occupies this particular bedroom or room that is infested. Bed Bugs feed on blood. When a person is sleeping, they will not feel the bite due to the bed bug administering a small anesthetic prior to puncturing the skin to begin feeding. This is one of the reasons why it may take a while before realizing that there may be a bed bug infestation.


As explained above, there is a visual inspection that is effective in identifying a bed bug infestation; however, visual signs may not be evident in the beginning stages of this type of infestation. This is why McDonald pest Control offers inspection by way of canine. Dogs are used for many types of inspections starting with tracking a person’s scent to yes, even tracking bed bugs at a microscopic level.

Because this epidemic is on the rise and climbing in astronomical numbers, awareness has become a priority for hotels, motels, vacation homes and even timeshares. People traveling all over the world, staying at different locations, can easily bring a single bed bug into a room. The bed bug lays her eggs and the rest is history. Many celebrities demand canine inspections of the rooms before agreeing to stay at a hotel. So McDonald Pest Control has added to our variety of services, “Bed Bug Babe to the rescue.”

Bed Bug Babe….Canine Inspection

Call to schedule your bed bug canine inspection. We offer highly trained canine inspections provided by professionals that conduct inspections throughout the state of Florida. Call today to schedule your inspection.


After years of research and continued efforts to find the most effective treatment methods, world renowned famous chemist and pest control companies have determined that the 2 most effective ways to treat are:

1) Fumigation
2) Thermal Heat Remediation (otherwise known as HEAT.)

Out of these two methods, treating with HEAT is the most effective and least invasive of the two. Without having to use toxic chemicals and put anyone out of their home several days, HEAT treatment takes a few hours and is completely chemical free. Prices also run extremely higher with fumigation as it involves much more labor, product , man power and in all cases, having to move out of the home for a minimum of 3 to 4 days.

HEAT treatment involves a few hours of labor, no product and a maximum of two technicians in cases of large warehouses or when treating more than one room in a setting. In addition to these few reasons that HEAT is the preferred way to treat, let’s not forget the stigma that many uneducated individuals have about Bed Bugs.

Automatically, people attribute someone having bed bugs with being filthy and dirty. This is certainly not the case. Bed Bugs can happen to anyone and even some of the most expensive hotels battle with this type of infestation. Still, whether it’s a business you own or a residential home, fumigation is not private or discreet and when tenting the property, it won’t be missed. Questions will be asked and people begin to assume. With our treatments, you will not see any type of tenting of the property and we will be in and out in a minimum of 3 to 4 hours.

McDonald Pest Control offers the HEAT treatment because we feel that it is the safest and most effective form of treatment available. HEAT is something that can be applied to an area and will be able to reach any small crack, crevice and corner that bed bugs may hide in. It is a onetime treatment that can be done discreetly and without cause for alarm.

We offer early morning, late evening and weekend appointments to help keep this a private and secure way of taking care of this type of infestation. To demonstrate the reasons why out of all other treatment methods, HEAT should be your choice for treatment, please read the following:

  • Immediate same day elimination for bed bug infestations
  • Eliminates all stages, ages and sizes of all bed bugs and eggs within the infested area (room, home, etc)
  • One day treatment cycle versus the traditional chemical treatment with weekly services of four to eight weeks
  • Thermal treatment penetrates cracks and crevices that are impossible to treat with insecticides
  • Safe for structure, plumbing and electrical systems
  • No need to dispose of infested furniture
  • All natural GREEN treatment
  • No odors or staining as with traditional treatments
  • No allergy issues as found with many of today’s insecticides
  • Eliminates most common pests such as bed bugs, roaches, ants etc.
  • Eliminates many forms of mold and fungus
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Limited revenue loss in commercial businesses such as hotels, motels and apartments.

Bed bugs are quickly becoming a nationwide epidemic with television shows depicting and referring to this as a “BED BUG APOCOLYPSE”. There is treatment available and McDonald Pest Control has it. Thermal remediation is the most effective way to eliminate and eradicate them. Fumigation is expensive and requires in almost all cases, to have to leave the home for a minimum of one to four days. It is definitely not discrete and uses toxic chemicals that can cause allergies and affect chemically sensitive individuals as well as pets. HEAT is your way to go and with just a few hours of treatment, you will be Bed Bug Free. So call today and let McDonald Pest Control treat your Bed Bugs Away.

Home Owner Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Responsibilities

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Mcdonald Pest Control will take care of your Bed Bugs in the following areas: Pinellas, Tampa, ClearwaterSt. Petersburg and surrounding Florida communities.

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